Motivational Monday: Just go for it!


When I first start working out after not working out for a while I always feel so energetic and I promise myself to go to the gym like 5 days a week for an hour. Now that I’m a little older (I’m 22, not that old!) I get that I shouldn’t set goals for that and that I should listen to my body.

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Motivational Monday: racing on the treadmill


Have you ever had that feeling that you’re on the treadmill and you hear that the person next to you is running a little faster? When I hear that the game is on!

Everyone has his own way of getting motivated to go on, right? 😉

Have a nice day and thanks to all 300 of my followers to follow me! That means a lot to me!


Motivational Monday: 4 simple rules


Hi guys!

Who’s living a healthy lifestyle and how does that work out for you?

I recently found this image and I agree with the rules they mention! Therefor I’m almost heading to this group class where I will do a great work out during 1 hour in which I’ll train every part of my body! I’m sure I will feel so sore tomorrow but it sure is worth the pain! 😉

The thing I love the most about that class is that the trainer who shows all the exercises is such a happy and active person! She is motivating everyone which is probably the reason of the success of that class! She usually is jumping and dancing around the whole hour which is so great and motivational!

Happy Monday everyone!


Degree in the pocket!


It’s that time of the year where school is out and vacation is about to start. Thousands of students among the world are waiting for their results to come! It’s kind of exiting actually, because exams are done, but still you can’t enjoy everything to the fullest until you know that you passed all your classes or not.

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Never give up

Motivation 9

I like this kind of images with motivational quotes that I find on the internet!

Never give up surely is a great start for trying to change the way you eat and the way you treat your body!