Little update

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Hi guys! I wanted to give a little update to anyone who’s reading my blog. I’ve been traveling for a couple of weeks now and haven’t found the time to post a lot of pictures. I’m currently in San Pedro Sula, Honduras visiting friends and new places I haven’t been to before. I’m taking a lot of pictures and video footage and hope to update the blog as soon as possible. Starting in August I’ll post frequently again like I used to, but for now I just needed a little break to fully relax before I start school and work again in August.

Thank you so much for understanding!


PS: This picture was taken above Phoenix and I’ve never seen the sky being so pretty and pink before! Gorgeous view!

4th of July Block Party


Living in another country brings lots of new experiences. Experiences that we often know from the movies we saw or the books we read. The Fourth of July or Independence Day is a national holiday in the United States on which the americans think back of the day on which they were declared independent from Great Britain, in 1776. On this special holiday people rise up their American flags, wear clothes with the patterns of the flag, watch fireworks and spend time with friends and family. Continue reading

Rialto Beach


Rialto Beach is probably the most unique looking beach that I’ve ever seen. The kind of beach that you’d see in a good movie and that makes you dream about being more adventurous and going to places that look like this place. Living in California, I’m used to white sandy beaches with hot surfers every few meters, so this was something totally different. Black sand, tall trees, driftwood everywhere, the most amazing rocks in every shade of grey and little islands that you could see through the foggy landscape.  Continue reading

Thoughts on National Parks & the ultimate feeling of freedom


Before I came down to the US, 10 months ago, I thought that National Parks were a combination of Disneyland and the zoo. I didn’t really know what they really were. I thought it was just one of those touristy things, that people want to see when they are in a certain area. Now that I’ve been to 3 of those parks (Grand Canyon, Joshua Tree and Olympic National Park) I have a better idea of what a National Park is. Continue reading